Visa Magic Door


Getting an upgrade can transform your entire vacation. When you travel with a Visa Signature card, you get a premium set of hotel perks including an automatic room upgrade. Surprisingly, most Visa Signature cardholders are unaware of the perks that come with having this card. Which is why we wanted to show them that their card is actually their key to better travel experience. After all, the hotel is an important part of your trip- it’s where you start and end your day.

To let cardholders experience a Visa Signature upgrade for themselves, we set up a "magic door" at a shopping mall so they could virtually explore hotel rooms from three Signature hotel locations: Miami, New York and Las Vegas. 


Visitors dip a VISA Signature card into the hotel door, open it and see a realistic 3D projection of a Signature hotel suite, stitched together from over a thousand photos of real hotel rooms. 

As the visitor starts to move in front of the door, a hidden kinect tracks their movements so it feels like they’re actually looking into the room. As they lean to the left or the right, the hotel room reacts to their movement, creating a parallax effect. Using hand gestures, the users can explore more of the room. 

As a bonus, we installed a second kinect on the back of the door. So if the visitor has a friend, they can stand behind the door and be live composited into the upgraded hotel suite. With this kinect, we were able to add the second user into the hotel room without the use of a green screen, allowing the visitor in the front of the door to see his friend and for both of them to interact with each other and the things in the room. 

Visa Magic Door:
The Making of

Scott Rodgers: Creative Director, BBDO
Rachel Moore: Art Director, BBDO
Darina Khafizova: Copywriter, BBDO
Carissa Ranelycke: Sr. Interactive Producer, BBDO
Ty Cole: Photographer
Laurentiu Fenes: Unity Developer, UNIT 9
Maciej Zasada: Tech Lead, UNIT 9
David Hartono: Tech Lead, UNIT 9
Ben Young: EP, UNIT 9
Alessandro Pula: EP, UNIT 9