The Message and GE Podcast Theatre was created for GE as a weekly 8-episode sci-fi podcast that reveals the secrets of sound technology. The story follows a young podcaster, Nicky Tomalin, as she documents a group of cryptographers attempting to decode a 70-year-old message from outer space. A message, they learn, that kills.

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We blurred the lines between fiction and reality by imagining a detailed online universe for the characters and the story. A website for Cypher, Nicky’s blog, a Wikipedia page, and various created documents left a paper trail that took listeners out of our world and into the world of The Message. 


Along with 8 weekly episodes, GE developed an online interactive game for listeners looking to unlock additional content. But it wasn’t easy. They had to channel their inner code-breaker and decypher weekly clues, seeded through our paper trail, that came together to uncover a final hidden message.

cypher arg

Debuting at #47 on iTunes charts, The Message climbed to the Top 25 in just 6 days and made Top 10 in the US and 30 other countries soon after. It was quickly praised by major publications and garnered 187,143,070 earned media impressions. With over 4 million downloads, The Message became the #1 podcast in America—success that is unmatched by any other branded content podcast in history.

Gold Cyber Lion, Cannes
Gold Entertainment Lion, Cannes
Bronze Health&Wellness Lion, Cannes
Gold, Bronze, One Show  
Graphite Pencil, D&AD
Silver, Young Guns Award
Gold, ADC Awards
Gold, Silver, National Addy
Directory Magazine March Issue


BBDO Credits:
Creative Director: Tim Roan
Creative Director: Levi Slavin
Art Director: Rachel Moore
Copywriter: Darina Khafizova

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